[Star of the Week] Our Five Favorite Moments of ‘This is Infinite’ So Far

Infinite has returned to the world of variety shows with Mnet’s This is Infinite, and it is pretty good.

With ‘this’ also referring to ‘diss,’ the Infinite members have delivered quite a lot of laughter with their nonstop bickering and sharp comments towards each other.

As there are only three episodes so far, we decided to pick just five of our favorite moments.
Please tell us your favorite moments below!

All the Disses

With the show called This (Diss) is Infinite, of course a lot of mean comments are going to be passed back and forth.

The Infinite members let it all out at the intro of the first episode, dissing each other with no holding back especially when they tried to guess each other strengths and weaknesses.

And then there was Sung Yeol, who kept self-dissing and calling himself dumb…many times.

Dissed By Their Own Staff

They probably didn’t expect this, but it is a dissing show, so the program staff as well as the managers and stylists of Infinite decided to do a little exposing of the members in a short interview.

With managers saying he would never date an Infinite member if he was a girl to stylists saying she sometimes has to force laugh at Woo Hyun’s jokes, the members cracked up, hearing what the people closest to them had to say.

The short introduction to how much Infinite knows about women proved handy, as it foreshadowed that they really don’t know much about women.

Testing Their Knowledge of Women

As a Valentine’s Day special, the Infinite members were told to try and understand women with girlfriend scenarios with multiple choice answers to pick from.

The quizzes proved to be quite hilarious and amazing at the same time to see just how many wrong answers came out before the correct one.

We hope they were just joking around for the sake of variety, because Sung Kyu, when a girl asks if she looks fatter with her hair up, you don’t tell her to tie her hair so you can see.

Lonely and Unpopular Sung Kyu

We’re not sure why, but it seems like Sung Kyu somehow always ends up being alone or being made fun of.

It was no different in episode 3 when the members were sent to steal the hearts of a group of little girls. While the other members happily played with the kids, it was Sung Kyu found himself alone and miserable.

As sad as it was, sorry Sung Kyu. We couldn’t help but to laugh at your first time tying a girl’s hair.

L Gets Caught Watching Porn

Trying to understand a thing or two about women, the members participated in different scenarios with their fake girlfriends to see how each of them would react to the situation.

Hitting him unexpectedly, L was swept into a scenario when his ‘girlfriend’ finds porn on his phone. He tries to blame his friend, Pal Yong, played by Sung Kyu, but of course Sung Kyu feigns ignorance and slithers away, leaving L to deal with a very upset girlfriend, who ends up wanting a break up.

But the funniest part of this was the interview when L was asked if he watches porn, he just laughs….and laughs… And Sung Jong says he’s not the only who watches porn in Infinite, while Hoya testified that L has the biggest monitor in the dorm.

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