[Star of the Week] Which Infinite Member Makes the Best Leader?

Infinite kicked off its new Mnet reality show This is Infinite with a ‘Leader Change’ mission, in which the members vied for Sung Kyu’s high and mighty position.

On the episode, the boys shared their opinions on each member’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being a leader, and now we’re throwing in our two cents.

Sung Kyu will forever be Infinite’s leader (remember this is all for fun), but flip through and let us know which member you think actually stands a chance at taking over Sung Kyu’s spot!

Woo Hyun

Strengths: He has a lot of celebrity connections.

Weaknesses: His members may feel neglected.

Dong Woo

Strengths: His rapping voice

Weaknesses: Some may be too intimidated by his rapper image to approach him.


Strengths: The dancer and avid soccer fan will make sure that all of the members have hot bodies. At all times.

Weaknesses: Oh wait, what′s wrong with that? (See Strengths)


Strengths: He gets his way with just one look.

Weaknesses: He has none. Everyone else becomes weak in his presence.

Sung Yeol

Strengths: His members would never lose him because he′s so tall and thus easy to spot.

Weaknesses: We wouldn′t want him on our team for Hide & Seek.

Sung Jong

Strengths: He′s too pretty. We can′t handle.

Weaknesses: He′s too pretty. We can′t handle.

Sung Kyu

Strengths: He has a lot of experience.

Weaknesses: He may be getting too comfortable as Infinite′s leader.

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