VIXX’s N: “Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Is My Ideal Type”

VIXX’s N: “Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Is My Ideal Type”

VIXX’s N: “Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Is My Ideal Type”

Male group VIXX‘s N has confessed to finding Seohyun of Girls’ Generation closest to his ideal type.

On February 25, the idol was a guest on SBS PowerFM’s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” Idol Special along with BTS’s Rap Monster and Topp Dogg‘s Sangdo. While they were discussing the topic of ideal types, N got asked what kind of girls he prefers.

“I like innocent and intelligent girls,” N said, and when asked what he thinks of cute gestures, he replied, “Aegyo (acting cute) is good if it’s natural and expressed suddenly from time to time.” 

As for the looks part, he said without hesitation, “Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun sunbae is my ideal type. I also heard that she reads a lot of books and is smart.”

Hopefully he will get to meet her some day!


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Diane Chin
Diane Chin 5pts

well... ay btw, kita mo ang ginshare ko simo?

Chad Moscoso
Chad Moscoso 5pts

lol.. rare katama kay usually si yoona ang ideal type.. plus taeyeon.. ^_^

Anh Luong
Anh Luong 5pts

this dude want attention that's all!! Soompi...this is not NEWS!

Zeahnne Wu
Zeahnne Wu 5pts

Oh gosh... well, as usual... :-)

Celestine Swee
Celestine Swee 5pts

He said that in his interview for r&i too.. but I ship him with eunyoung. Stop breaking her heart! Poor girl..

야스믾 5pts

not famous enough to mention her yet I guess lol

Anh Luong
Anh Luong 5pts

gosh give up already...u r too obsessed...and you won't be another SEUNGI-yoona case!

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