[Exclusive Interview] Kiha and the Faces Shares 10 Songs to Listen to in 10 Situations

Since most of the Korean music scene is dominated by K-pop, it might be hard to find artists of other genres - but the Korean indie scene is alive and well.

And Kiha and the Faces have been, well, the face of the Korean indie scene for some time now, releasing a string of hits that you may or may not have heard of - but you should add to your playlist immediately.

Mwave met with the six members of Kiha and the Faces for an exclusive interview prior to the group′s MEET&GREET on November 25 to get the lowdown on their music and style.

We asked the band what Kiha and the Faces songs are best to listen to in 10 different situations - and unsurprisingly, the group was able to come up with a pretty awesome playlist - we′ve got the full list below, so if you′re feeling a little K-popped out, keep on reading to see what Kiha and the Faces songs you should listen to!

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[Exclusive Interview] Kiha and the Faces Shares 10 Songs to Listen to in 10 Situations

1. When You′re Drunk: I Don′t Remember (기억 안 나)
(No Video - sorry!)

"The lyrics work well in real life, since if a guy says to a girl, "Hey I don′t remember what happened last night," ... so if you′re talking about being drunk, those lyrics seem to fit the best."
- Kiha and the Faces

2. When You Break Up: I Live In Peace (별일 없이 산다) / Didn′t You Tell Me Not To Be Hard On You? (모질게 말하지 말라며)

"If the other person messed up and you were hurt by their mistakes and that′s why you broke up, then I Live in Peace is a good song... since I think saying, " I′m doing fine without you" is the best revenge."

"But if it was the opposite, and you were the one to hurt the other, then, Didn′t You Tell Me Not To Be Hard On You? .
The song itself is a song that flips the blame. Truthfully, you′re the one who messed up, but you say, ′Hey - you did that. I just did what you told me to do.′"
- Kiha and the Faces

3. When You′re Dating: Cheapskate (구두쇠)

"The lyrics say, ′I′m not a person who can give a lot, but you′re the kind of person I want to give to.′ So I think it′s a good song to have your significant other listen to when you′re just starting to date."
- Kiha and the Faces

4. When You′re Trying to Hit On Someone: Mine (내 사람)

"The lyrics are, ′Hey I′ve looked for you for a long time... my person.′ It′s a song that essentially says I want to make you mine (my person)."
- Kiha and the Faces

5. When You′re Depressed: Human Mind (사랑의 마음)

"When you′re depressed, whether it′s because of work or studies, when you go home, you feel like you shouldn′t just go to sleep. But the lyrics say, Hey, you′ve finished all your work for today...so at least for now, let′s just sleep well.′ So wouldn′t it be comforting when you′re depressed?"
- Kiha and the Faces

6. When You′re Happy: A Twosome (그렇고 그런 사이)

"We actually don′t really have happy songs...I tend to not write songs when I′m happy. Ah, but A Twosome! The rhythym is bouncy and sassy, and in a sense, it′s a happy song, since you do end up in a twosome..."
- Kiha and the Faces

7. When You′re Traveling: I Just Keep Walking (마냥 걷는다)

"It′s a good song if you′re on a sad, lonely trip...but I mean there are a lot of different kinds of trips. If it′s a trip you′re taking alone, so you can feel loneliness and reflect on yourself...then I Just Keep Walking is a good song."
- Kiha and the Faces

8. When You′re Hungry: I Almost Had It (좋다 말았네)

"The music video for I Almost Had It features a lot of different Korean dishes. The music video could act as sort of an an appetizer
I suppose if you′re hungry and you don′t have any food at all, it could be a little torturous. But if you′re hungry and you want to whet your appetite more, then, watching the music video is a good idea."
- Kiha and the Faces

9. When You′re Angry: Although I Heard Nothing to Feel Bad About (날 보고 뭐라 그런 것도 아닌데)

"The song itself is... it′s just kind of angry. The song is cathartic when you′re feeling inferior."
- Kiha and the Faces

10. When You Run Into an Ex: I Heard Some Rumor (풍문으로 들었소) - Nameless Gangster OST (originally sung by Hahm Joong-ah and the Yankees)

"It basically says, ′Hey...I heard you got a new lover′ so..."

- Kiha and the Faces

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