[Battle] VIXX vs. Shinhwa

Shinhwa and VIXX, who each debuted in the 90s and is returning with a remake of a 90s hit, respectively, are also both coming back after a long hiatus and in the same week as well - just two days apart.

With both groups of excellent talent ready to take over the last week of February with new music to show its fans, we′re making Shinhwa and VIXX go head to head.

[Battle] VIXX vs. Shinhwa


Shinhwa debuted in 1998 and have stayed strong as a group for almost 17 years with no member changes and a brief hiatus of four years for the members to fulfill military duties.

The fact that Shinhwa is still up and going, strongly competing against idol groups of today, is a feat to acknowledge, making Shinhwa′s upcoming 12th album more anticipated than ever.

[Battle] VIXX vs. Shinhwa


Having debuted in 2012, VIXX is going back into the past and bringing out its own version of a 90s hit. VIXX announced that the group will be remaking R.ef′s Farewell Formula, and well, that′s got everyone from that generation all excited.

VIXX has always delivered unique concepts and styles in its songs, so the antcipation and excitement is rising for this upcoming song release.

And fun fact: The original song came out before Hyuk was even born.

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