Discover the best gourmet experiences 2014

With so many places, each with their own journeys and adventures of tempting foods can be difficult to decide where you would most like to go. Since you can not be everywhere at once, here we share some of the best foodie strong experimenting with the MasterChef journey in 2014 collected by our experts.

South Africa - Discover Cape Malay cuisine.


South Africa is an ideal destination for travelers seeking an exotic destination foodie experience. In this small group tour MasterChef travel, spend quality time with Whitney Miller, winner of MasterChef Season 1, southern cuisine with a modern twist is as colorful and exciting as the famous Cape Malay cuisine in South Africa. Expand your culinary horizons with convenient classes and wine tasting gourmet cuisine at the world famous Winelands region hosted by Whitney. Your tour will also take him to Cape Town for the most delicious adventures!


Northern Spain - Taste your way through the heart of Spain.


Enjoy this pleasant journey MasterChef private tour of Northern Spain Wine and cuisine inspired by MasterChef. Travel through the heart of the gastronomic regions of Spain, experience the best of what the Basque Country and La Rioja has to offer, including a tasting tour of San Sebastián specialties. End your trip to Barcelona, one of the most fascinating and iconic cities in Spain!


Vietnam - a variety of styles of traditional and modern cuisine.


Traveling with a small group this culinary journey Cox & Kings in Vietnam, where you have the opportunity of a lifetime to interact with award-winning MasterChef Christine Ha. Travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City through Da Nang and Hue and learn about the amazing Vietnamese dishes influenced Christine while cooking courses and upscale food shopping street is staying.


Northern Italy - Truly a merger in Europe with local influences.


Do not miss this rich culinary journey MasterChef Voyage in Italy, with guided tours around. Traveling with a small group of famous Valley Food and Tuscany where you will meet your host, Manfe Luca, winner of MasterChef Season illustrates wine country 4. Discover Italy through native eyes Luca in a full day of wine tasting food site and be inspired by its unique cuisine with strong European influences during practice cooking classes, will host. Buon Appetito!


Hawaii - View of Hawaii as never before; a variety of culinary delights.


Embark on a journey of Hawaii MasterChef culinary journey and explore the natural wonders of the natural Maui. On the way, he meets MasterChef star native, Felix Fang to enjoy culinary activities specially organized in the comfort of a small group of nannies as travelers. Your tour includes a visit to a local organic farm, plus the chance to try their luck in mastering the art of "Hawaiian Sling" Fishing with Felix. Also diving in their world of cooking in a special cooking workshop is an inspiring experience not to be missed!

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