Hon To Leave MR.MR Following Facebook Fiasco With Transgender Friend

Hon in a shot from the MR.MR Facebook page
(Photo : Facebook)
Hon (left) with MR.MR
(Photo : Facebook)

The 22-year-old K-pop singer Hon has departed the group MR.MR after a transgendered friend allegedly lashed out at him earlier this month, on the social networking site Facebook.

The eyebrow-raising Facebook post reportedly ranged from allegations that Hon both owed her money for a cell phone, to heartbroken bitterness, claiming the singer cheated on her with "many lovers."

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The post even referred to the MR.MR singer as a "public enemy." 

Though Hon's friend, referred to in published reports, as simply "A" later apologized for her posts, blaming them on feelings of being ignored and drunk, according to the publication Sports Korea, the damage had already been done.

In a statement released on Monday, Hon explained his reasoning behind leaving the group that he joined less than six months ago.

"After A drunkenly wrote the post, she checked it again a few hours later and said that she thought she made a mistake," he said.

Hon claims A then called him to apologize.

"Since she wrote it on her personal [Facebook] page, I didn't think there would be any problems," he said."I told her not to think about it, and hung up. It's not like I would sue an old friend. If what she wrote was true, I'd be embarrassed, but I didn't live my life like that.

"But it's true that MR.MR's image was hurt by this, so I decided to leave MR.MR," Hon added.

He denied the allegation reported by the online publication allkpop and others, that he had been romantically involved with A before her gender reassignment surgery, before distancing himself once she became a woman.

"A, who wrote the controversial post, and I were friends since a long time ago," Hon said.

"But I wanted to say for certain, that things in the post, such as that I worked at a host bar, had financial troubles...and dated A, are not true."

MR.MR's record label Winning Insight, who had initially threatened A with a defamation lawsuit, released a statement on Monday supporting Hon's decision.

"Our label and the MR.MR members have decided to accept Hon's decision," the label's statement read.

"We will continue to encourage and support Hon, so he can get a new start. We're sincerely sorry for worrying our fans. Please support Hon and the members MR.MR following this difficult decision."


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