Kim Su Ro’s Warm Advice Causes K.Will to Tear Up on “Real Men”

Kim Su Ro’s Warm Advice Causes K.Will to Tear Up on “Real Men”

Kim Su Ro’s Warm Advice Causes K.Will to Tear Up on “Real Men”

Actor and fellow soldier Kim Su Ro‘s heart-warming words caused singer K.Will to shed tears in the latest episode of “Real Men.”

On the February 23 episode of the program, Henry and K.Will finished their basic training and were transferred to the Special Forces Phoenix Battalion. 

As the seniors welcomed the new members, Sam Hammington said, “I am a foreigner so there are similarities between me and Henry. I know how hard it is, so I will do my best to actively help him.”

Hyungsik of ZE:A greeted the fresh faces, “It is nice to meet you. I am Private Park Hyungsik. I understand your feelings well. However, I received guerilla training from the beginning. I might be your junior in daily life, but not in the army. I hope you will show a hard-working side of you here in the military.”

Finally, Kim Su Ro touched everyone with his kind words, “It must be very difficult for Henry. He probably doesn’t understand everything either. I am worried because his body moves to the rhythm all the time. He will probably receive many warnings here, but I hope he will get over it with a positive mind. I hope he will happily reform by immersing himself in the military.”

“It will be very tough for K.Will as well. I know everything. If you actively face the troubles whenever it’s tough, you will experience feelings that you haven’t felt until now. I hope you will keep that in mind,” the experienced soldier shared.

Hearing the advice, K.Will could not hold back his emotions, and tears begun to roll down his face. He was not the only one, as also Henry showed tears on this episode as the two left their training camp.


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