10 Things We Discovered about Romance from ‘Discovery of Romance’ - Episode 4

As the characters in KBS’ Discovery of Romance learn a thing or two about love, we decided to also list out ten things that we learned along with them.

Here’s what we learned from episode 4.

Kang Tae Ha
I received his business card and greeted him,
But something was just awkward.
Women usually get close after this…

Nam Ha Jin
Men just get a bit tense.
It’s nothing really, but just observing, since we’re both male.

Kang Tae Ha
Is he stronger? Or am I?

Nam Ha Jin
I wonder what kind of person he is…
Things like that
That’s just what happens on our animal instincts without even trying

Good to know.

Han Yeo Reum
It was a coincidence!
Do you want me to wake up Sol and ask?

Learn how to play dead when your friends try to involve you in their couple fights.

Do Joon Ho
When guys say they’re totally okay with your ex-boyfriends, it’s all a lie.
It’s definitely not ok.
There’s no way that could be ok.

Yoon Sol
But it’s all in the past.

Do Joon Ho
We’re just animals programmed that way.
We can’t do anything about it.


Director Han
My deceased wife keeps following me around and nagging me!

Ha Jin’s Mom
We haven’t talked to each other at home for a year now.

Every couple struggles through problems – even when they’re married (or dead).

Kang Tae Ha
Make sure to look in the mirror before you come
So you know what you’re showing me now.

Han Yeo Reum
What’s wrong with it?
How can you look so elegant even after staying up all night?
He was probably shocked at how beautiful I was

Always have confidence in your appearance, regardless of what people say

Han Yeo Reum
It hurts.

Nam Ha Jin
I told you to be careful.
How’s your ankle?

Han Yeo Reum
My ankle hurts and so do my wrists.

Nam Ha Jin
Let me see

Han Yeo Reum
It hurts so much. But my lips are fine.

Be super cheesy sometimes.

Han Yeo Reum
What…that’s it?

Nam Ha Jin
You said you were going to act modestly for the time being
You’re not going to sleep over tonight.

Han Yeo Reum
What kind of law is this?
We only kiss on days we sleep together?

Nam Ha Jin
There’s no such thing.
I wanted to play hard to get at least once.

Don’t keep losing.

Nam Ha Jin
Where are you?

Han Yeo Reum
I’m eating cold noodles with Kang Tae Ha.
We signed our contract, so I’m buying.

Trust your girlfriend.

Don′t jump to conclusion so quickly

Defend your boyfriend when he′s down.

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