GOT7’s Jackson Enjoys Virtual Date with SNSD’s Yuri

GOT7’s Jackson and Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yuri enjoyed a date together.

GOT7’s Jackson appeared as the guest on JTBC’s Dating Alone, enjoying a ‘virtual reality date’ with SNSD’s Yuri.

Jackson recently participated in filming the third and fourth episodes of Dating Alone, becoming Yuri’s man. On this day, Jackson revealed his ideal type as ‘a girl who is tanned and has healthy beauty.’ His description of his ideal type matched the image of Yuri, who appeared as the virtual lover in the VCR, putting a big smile on Jackson’s face.

Upon seeing Jackson, who is free-spirited but well mannered at the same time, the MCs expressed their anticipation, commenting, “He will do well leading on the date successfully.” Jackson also showed his determination, saying, “I will do well.”

GOT7’s Jackson Enjoys Virtual Date with SNSD’s Yuri

However, Jackson’s ‘virtual reality date’ did not go as smoothly as everyone expected in the beginning. During the latter half of the show, he continued to miss the questions about the opposite gender’s psychology, shocking even Jackson himself.

Later on, he held his head in struggle as Yuri showed a pattern of behavior that he didn’t expect, causing the audience to laugh. Then he laughed loudly in joy once he answered a question correctly, showing himself completely immersed in the ‘virtual reality date.’

Dating Alone is a program that will delve into the psychology of women through virtual reality dates with woman in the VCR. It is the spin off of the show Imagination Love Battle! which aired in 2012.

As the upgraded version, Dating Alone will keep the strengths of Imagination Love Battle! but add the format of a talk show on top of gathering the viewers’ votes by text messages.

Kim Min Jong, Jun Hyun Moo, Sung Si Kyung, Jang Dong Min and Cross Gene’s member Shin joined as the MCs of Dating Alone. 
Jackson will appear at the male guest of the third and fourth episodes, following 2AM’s Jin Woon, who guested on the first and second episodes.

The show is set to air on January 31.

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