Bob Girls announces their disbandment with member Jina diagnosed with encephalitis

Crayon Pop's sister group Bob Girls has announced about their disbandment today only after 8 months since debut.

A rep from Chrome Entertainment told the press on February 24th,"Member Jina has been diagnosed with encephalitis so Bob Girls decided to stop their activities and terminate their contracts together".

The agency revealed they they awared of Jina's enxephalitis when she went through an examination at a hospital around December, 2014. Even though it's not serious but she has been told to constantly receive medial treatment and plentful of rest. She has no problem leading her daily life but it will be hard for her to continue her activities as a singer.

The agency continued,"The other members felt uncomfortable to continue promoting without Jina so we decided to disband the group as well as terminate their contract. Since they're still young, we wanted to give them an opportunity to start their careers anew under better companies".

Bob Girls debuted with single 'No Way' in June 2014.

Source : dkpopnews[dot]net
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