[Poll] Should Shinhwa Release Another Nude Photobook?

In 2001, Shinhwa did the unthinkable and released a (half-) nude photobook.

The photobooks completely sold out to the point that the Shinhwa members themselves have said they don′t even own their own copies.

Fourteen years later, that nude photobook is still brought up today with people asking the members if they′ll ever create another one.

So far, the answer seems to be ′no′ from Shinhwa (there was even a great debate about it on Shinhwa Broadcast at one point), but what do you think?

Should Shinhwa release another nude photo book?

[Poll] Should Shinhwa Release Another Nude Photobook?


Shinhwa has already done one, and there′s no point in doing another.

Plus, like Kim Dong Wan stated in a previous interview, fans will probably chase after them with their cameras and sneak pictures.

[Poll] Should Shinhwa Release Another Nude Photobook?


Yeah, Shinhwa has done a nude photobook before, but it wasn′t complete!

Andy wasn′t in the pictures and it′s only fair for him to also be included in the new nude photobook.

Also, wasn′t it Kim Dong Wan who said that people have the right to see ...that area?

What do you think?

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