Song Ji Hyo Admires Clara’s Chest on “Emergency Couple”

Song Ji Hyo Admires Clara’s Chest on “Emergency Couple”

Song Ji Hyo Admires Clara’s Chest on “Emergency Couple”

It looks like Clara has another admirer for her enviable body proportions: Song Ji Hyo.

In an episode of the tvN drama “Emergency Couple,” Song Ji Hyo’s character got caught staring at Clara’s body while the two character’s were changing in a locker room. When Clara catches the lingering attention she cooly says, “What are you looking at? Are you peeping? The body is something you’re born with, but you can work on it.” 

To which Song Ji Hyo replies, “You must work out a lot.” When Song Ji Hyo left the locker room she mimicked the size of Clara’s chest with her hands and said in almost disbelief, “Her chest…just wow.”

“Emergency Couple” is about a divorced couple that meets again in the emergency room and stars Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Clara. The first episode received a rating of 2.4% and the second received 2.7%

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Ariel Natsu
Ariel Natsu 5pts

I'm sure all the guys are going crazy because of her chest haha..Her cleavage just super wow..haha..Too wow for my eyes hehe :)

Hazel Felzie
Hazel Felzie 5pts

Song Ji hyo lg natural beauty dr clara..with or without make up pn still cntik..

Jewel Sleepy
Jewel Sleepy 5pts

Wow her chest sure looks dam sexy hehe..just saying..Her cleavage..super wow haha..No wonder Song Ji Hyo's can't stop looking at her chest haha..I'm sure all the guys are star struck by it too haha..

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