Lee Min Ho shares on his complex, being the male goddess, future plans and more at OSIM’s press conference

Top Korean actor Lee Min Ho paid a 24 hour visit to Singapore as the brand ambassador of OSIM for its 35th anniversary. On 27th September, Lee Min Ho greeted the local medias at press conference held at The Westin Singapore, where he stayed in a luxurious president suite arranged by OSIM.

Lee Min Ho arrived punctually on time and all medias at the scene received him with cheers and applause. Standing tall, greeting everyone in the room with a warm smile, it’s no wonder so many are mesmorised by him in an instant!

In a friendly environment, press conference started with Q&A sessions. During the session, Lee Min Ho gave honest recommendations of uDiva, expressed his concerns for his easily swollen face, shared his feelings of being called the male goddess, disclosed his ways to relieve stress and future plans.

The press conference proceeded with fun and laughter thanks to Lee Min Ho’s witty and humorous responses, don’t feel sad for not being able to witness it! We have all the Q&A details for you below, hope you can ‘live’ the moment just like we did!

Q&A Session

Q: This isn’t your first time in Singpore, what do you feel towards Singapore?
Lee Min Ho: It’s not my first time in Singapore, but I’m really happy to be here everytime I come, it’s beautiful and clean. I landed pretty late last night but I had great food and rest, I’m all ready to meet my fans later.

Q: In the hotel room, there’s actually OSIM uDiva for you to enjoy yourself. Can you tell us what are the three things you like the most about OSIM uDiva?
Lee Min Ho : Well, there are many features and programmes of uDiva. I few functions that I like are relax, stretch and the morning functions of uDiva, I think they are amazing.

Q: Do you have uDiva at home? Do you share with family members, who use it the most?
Lee Min Ho : I was very grateful to receive it as a gift from OSIM. I think my mum uses it the most as I do not spend too much time at home, so my mum makes the most use of uDiva.

Q: So uDiva works better than Lee Min Ho’s hands?
Lee Min Ho: (laughs) It’s been a very long time since I massaged my mum’s shoulders, maybe back when I was a child? I’m sure that uDiva is doing the duty of the son to massage my mum’s shoulders and I’m pretty sure she’s very happy about that.

Q: Apart from massages, how do you relief stress with a packed schedule?
Lee Min Ho: Whenever I get enough sleep, my stress is relieved and my fatigue go away, that’s the most effective way for me. Also, I had a lot of good food, that always help.

Q: Speaking of sleep-deprived, do you usually become grumpier or more energised?
Lee Min Ho: Whenever I have small breaks in between, I will try to have the music that suits my mood to cheer me up. Whenever I can, I will try to have a rest.

Q: If you have one day to relax at home, no work at all, what will you do?
Lee Min Ho: I will love to sleep.

Q: How much of sleep do you usually need per day?
Lee Min Ho: If I had the time, 9-12 hours easily work for me. I get swollen face all the time, that’s my biggest worry as well. Right now, I’m pretty much swollen at the moment as it’s not long since I woke up. You know, sometimes I hope that all these events can be conducted in the evening when my face is not swollen and I look much better.

Q: In your opinion, what are the features or must haves of a male goddess?
Lee Min Ho: I think being the male goddess is not really about the appearance, probably is being responsible, being able to protect your loved ones. That probably are the most important things of being a male goddess.

Q: Do you feel stressed for being the male goddess of everyone, having the need to upkeep an image?
Lee Min Ho: Not really, I’m pretty much happy to hear it all the time.

Q: If you were to rate your attractiveness from 1 to 10, what will it be?
Lee Min Ho: I think for my fans, they see more of the character in me. They probably want the attractiveness of that character I played. I think that’s probably what appealed most to my fans.

Q: What is the one item that you bring along when you travel to help you relax?
Lee Min Ho: I have loud music, I heal myself with loud music.

Q: How loud? Metal or?
Lee Min Ho: My staffs always complain that my music is way too loud for them to take. Sometimes I also get complaints from hotel that my music is too loud.

Q: Any upcoming plans of releasing more songs?
Lee Min Ho: In fact, my new album, second album will be happening soon from 4th October. I hope I can meet a lot of my fans and be able to sing for them with my heart out.

Q: You have sang Chinese song before, is there any possibility to have Chinese songs in your new album?
Lee Min Ho: There has not been an official recording yet of the mandarin song, but I definitely would like to do a mandarin song. I might be able to do that next year. I have a particular song I want to sing so I will have a chance to do. Unfortunately I was very busy with my new movie, I think I didn’t have enough time to practice a mandarin song. This time round maybe not, but next time maybe.

Q: Can you share with us some memorable experiences you have while filming it?
Lee Min Ho: I moved on to ‘Gangnam Blues’ after I filmed ‘The Heirs’. I think I looked a little too well maintained for the role in ‘Gangnam Blues’. So what I tried to do for the 6 months was that I didn’t even put on any lotion, to show a little bit more of a manly side that was required for the character. If you watch the movie, please don’t be surprised, “Does Lee Min Ho look this old?”. Yes that is me, but it’s just for the role. I’m coming back to myself now. (Lee Min Ho laughed as he talked)

Q: Isn’t it more convenient to skip the lotion, save time in the morning.
Lee Min Ho: Well, I could really feel my skin deteriorating, that was not a pleasant experience.

Q: A number of your roles from dramas come from wealthy families, are you worried about being stereotyped, what other roles do you want to try?
Lee Min Ho: If you ask me about being the rich man in my role, I don’t really have the worry if my fans always look at me in that manner. I don’t have a particular worry of that. But because I played as a rich man in my previous two dramas ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘The Heirs’, I hope to have other experiences in the future. Also, in ‘Gangnam Blues’, I played a very deep and manly character which showed masculinity which I didn’t show in my previous roles. So, I hope to show more dimensions of myself in acting. I think, in my 20s, this is the time that I can show the bright and energetic sides of 20s a man can be in.

Q: Being the ambassador of OSIM uDiva, which discomfort do you ease by using uDiva? How do you use it?
Lee Min Ho: Foot and neck. Around 10 to 30 minutes will be good. I don’t really like hard massages, I like to take it slow and soft.

Q: How often do you use the OSIM uDiva?
Lee Min Ho: Lately I have a lot of events overseas, I’m not really home, so that’s a little bit difficult for me. But when I’m home, I try to use it once every 2-3 days.

Q: If you can describe uDiva in one sentence, what will it be?
Lee Min Ho: A good rest.

Q: Other than the OSIM uDive, have you ever tried other OSIM’s products? Will you recommend it to your fans?
Lee Min Ho: In my hotel room, there’s the humidifier. Not particularly recommendation, but I really liked it.

Q: What are your future work plans?
Lee Min Ho: From October onwards, I will be starting my tour to meet my fans in various locations until next January. I’m looking forward to meet my fans and have lots of fun with them. In later part of October, I will be starting my promotion for ‘Gangnam Blues’, I hope to see my friends then as well.

Q: What’s the ideal place you wish to go for holiday instead of work?
Lee Min Ho: I hope to surf when I take a break, so I’m willing to go wherever that I can surf. During ‘The Heirs’, I learnt a bit how to surf but I didn’t get to practice it much, so I really wish to do that more often.

Q: Last but not least, any words for Singapore fans?
Lee Min Ho: Singaporean fans, thank you so much for your love and support, I can’t see you frequently but I know you guys are giving me support regardless of where you are. I’m really appreciative of all the love and support. I will try my best to reciprocate all the love that you have given me and do better for my future.

Before heading over to Causeway Point to meet his fans, Lee Min Ho signed on his standee and once again posed for photos. Korea.com would like to thank OSIM for extending an invitation to cover this event. For more photos and updates, you can also tune in to OSIM on their official Facebook page.

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