10 Things We Discovered about Romance from ‘Discovery of Romance’ - Episode 14

As the characters in KBS’ Discovery of Romance learn a thing or two about love, we decided to also list out ten things that we learned along with them.

Here’s what we learned from episode 14.

Nam Ha Jin
She has a box.
While I was walking over here, I had a million thoughts
But no matter how hard I try to understand it, I can’t.
Why does she have it? Why?

Do Joon Ho
What box?

Nam Ha Jin
A box with pictures with Kang Tae Ha.
A ring, and all these letters

We said it before, but we′ll say it again:
If you’re moving on from a relationship,
trash everything that’ll remind you of the past
or cause fights with your new boyfriend.

Han Yeo Reum
Of all the things I said, you only heard that I was shaken up by Kang Tae Ha
There’s only one reason why I’m not doing anything even though I was shaken up by Kang Tae Ha.
It’s not because I’m kind or morally perfect.
I’m next to Ha Jin because he’s the one I love

Yoon Sol
So if your heart changes, you’re going to go to Kang Tae Ha?

Han Yeo Reum
If my heart changes, I have to.
Should I live as an empty shell next to Ha Jin when I love someone else?

Yoon Sol
You bitch.

Do you date to be nice?

Yoon Sol
Complicated bitch.

Han Yeo Reum
I am a very complicated person, so don’t just see one side of me.
Out of everything I said, how can you only hear that I was shaken up by Kang Tae Ha?

Don’t obsess over one little detail; look at the bigger picture.

Nam Ha Jin
I’m going to tell you now.
I saw the box in your room. The one under your bed.
I saw some of the things inside...but didn’t look at others even though I wanted to.
I thought about taking this to my death, but I don’t think I can.

If there’s a problem, bring it up as soon as possible and don’t drag it out so more negative feelings can build up

Han Yeo Reum
If you want to be away from me for a while, you can

Nam Ha Jin
Don’t say things like that either.
You need to say ‘We should be together’ even when we fight.

Don’t make the gap grow bigger.
Be by each other’s side especially when you fight.

Nam Ha Jin
You don’t look too happy

Ahn Ah Rim
Because it was too easy
If it was something that could disappear this easily,
I don’t know why I was so stubborn about it for 20 years

Sometimes, letting go of the past is necessary.

Kang Tae Ha
I still like you.
I still want you.
I don’t want to send you away to anyone else.
Be with me today.
All you have to do is take one step forward.

Han Yeo Reum
I can’t go to you.
Don’t ever shake me up like this again.

Know when to run away from temptation

Kang Tae Ha
You have no confidence about Han Yeo Reum
You don’t come close to her.

Nam Ha Jin
What do you know?

Kang Tae Ha
You love Yeo Reum, but the person Yeo Reum loves is herself.
All you need is for Yeo Reum to stay by your side.
But Yeo Reum won’t be satisfied with just staying by your side.
She’s not a person who’ll become happy with someone by her side.
What Yeo Reum wants, what dreams she has, and what she’s giving up to be by your side...
You don’t know any of it.
That’s why you can’t.

As infuriating as it is, some truths need to be heard.

Restaurant Lady
A doctor injured people.
An architect wrecked my store.
Wake up and smell the roses.
Love? Love isn’t even that great.
It’s already a difficult world to live in.

Love isn’t the only important thing in life.

Han Yeo Reum
Let’s stop, Ha Jin

Nam Ha Jin
Stop what?

Han Yeo Reum
Let’s stop fighting like this.
It’s so obvious. We’re gonna end up breaking up.

Nam Ha Jin
How do you know that we’ll break up?

I know.
We’re going to hit rock bottom and then it’ll end.
We’re already there.
Can’t you see it? We’ve hit rock bottom

Nam Ha Jin
Oh this is rock bottom? Just this?
I can go further. It doesn’t matter.

Han Yeo Reum
How much further do you want to go?
How much more do you want me to hurt you?
Do you think that’ll make me feel good?
How much more do you want to hate me?
Why do you keep wanting to go on the most obvious path?

Nam Ha Jin
You’re a dating expert?
From whom did you learn how to date from, Han Yeo Reum?

Han Yeo Reum
Kang Tae Ha. Is that what you wanted?
We’ve hit rock bottom.
We can’t even go further down.

Sometimes, a relationship has to end to prevent more pain.

Han Yeo Reum
It’s true. Joon Ho’s right.
I am a bitch.
It’s true that I’m a bitch.
But other than Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin,
how can anyone else call me a bitch?

Only the people involved in the relationship have the right to badmouth each other

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