[Hangul Day Special] ㅁ is for MINHO

In celebration of Hangul Day, we′ve decided to roll out a special series introducing you to the Korean alphabet (consonants only)! We′ve selected a celebrity for each letter of the Korean alphabet as well as a correlating vocabulary word!

We′ll be teaching you how to say the Korean words properly as well as give you some sentences showing you how to use the words in daily conversation - so time to get studying, K-entertainment style!

[Hangul Day Special] ㅁ is for MINHO

ㅁ (M)

민호 (Minho):
1. a common name for hot Korean males who happen to be talented actors, singers, rappers, dancers, etc

1. cool, charismatic

The letter is another letter that happens to be popular for many names - namely, Minho. And there just also happen to be a LOT of celebrities named Minho - to name just a few, SHINee’s Choi Minho, WINNER’s Song Minho, and actors Lee Min Ho (two, in fact).

And for some very perplexing reason - all of these Minhos happen to be very 멋있어 (aka very cool).

멋있어 is one of those Korean words that are a little difficult to translate, but it can be generally translated to mean cool, charismatic, chill, etc. Basically, take a look at any of the aforementioned Minhos and you’ll understand what it means.

But just in case you need a few examples to use it properly...here ya go!

1. “와, 샤이니 민호 대박 멋있다, 다리 긴거 봤어??” - Wow, SHINee’s Minho is freaking cool, did you see how long his legs are??
Wah, SHINee Minho dae-bak meot-eet-dah, dah-ree geen-guh bwah-ssuh??.

2. “어머 위너 미노 목소리 정말 멋있어!!.” - Omg, Winner Mino’s voice is seriously awesomel!
Uh-muh Winner Mino mok-so-ri jeong-mal meot-eet-ssuh!

3. “상속자 어제 봤어? 이민호 짱 멋있어! ” - Did you watch ‘The Heirs’ yesterday? Lee Min Ho is SO cool!
Sang-sok-ja uh-jae bwah-ssuh? Lee Min Ho jjang meot-eet-ssuh!

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