JYJ Freezes Traffic by Gathering 50,000 Fans to Street Concert

JYJ heated up the autumn night by gathering 50,000 fans to Yeongdong street.

C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, stated on October 6, “JYJ held the ‘Gangnam Hallyu Festival’ solo concert on October 5, on the stage specially set up in front of KEPCO (Korean Electric Power Corporation) in Yeongdong street. After filling up Seoul Olympic Stadium with 30,000 fans in August with 2014 Asia Tour in Seoul, JYJ caused traffic around Yeongdong street with the fans who came to see JYJ from all over the world. JYJ proved its popularity by gathering 50,000 fans to Yeongdong street, and gathered great response from them by performing 20 songs live over two hours.”

JYJ presented songs of various genres, including ballad, dance, rock, acoustic, R&B and more, for not only its fans but for all citizens who came out in order to enjoy the fall concert.

Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun presented special stages by singing Lee Juck’s Running in the Sky and Mate’s Leaning on you, respectively. When Kim Junsu presented powerful dance performances for his solo album title songs Tarantallegra and Be my Girl, the audience responded with enthusiastic cheers.

During the remix performance for Be my Girl, 50,000 fans cheered by doing the wave and citizens in their 40’s and 50’s watching from the streets also participated in making the wave, enjoying the festival.

JYJ said, “It’s the perfect weather for a concert on an autumn night. We’re happy that more people came than we expected, despite the fact that it’s our first street concert in six years.”

JYJ performed over 19 songs this day, including dance songs Be the One and Babo Boy during the opening stage. They were followed by the sentimental song In Heaven as well as the ballad songs Let me See and So So.

JYJ Freezes Traffic by Gathering 50,000 Fans to Street Concert

Wrapping up the concert with Back Seat, JYJ stated, “Thank you to everyone who came today and since the weather has gotten colder, be careful not to catch a cold. This was an enjoyable time. See you again.”

The fans then made request for an encore song, and the members got up on the stage one more time to sing Empty as the finale song, to which the global fans sang along the chorus in English.

JYJ proved its status as the veteran hallyu artist by presenting stable live performances, dance moves in unison as well as its stage manners along with the dancers, interacting closely with the fans. Water and air shots heightened the atmosphere and the members made good use of the protruding stage to capture the eyes and ears of the audience.

After the concert was over, Lee Jung Hee (44/female) said, “JYJ’s music, which I enjoyed in the middle of Yeongdong street, was the best. It was a perfect concert with nothing to take out, with their powerful performances and ballad stages, apart from interacting with the fans on the stage.”

Vicky (25/female), who came from Indonesia, also said, “I couldn’t attend the Asia tour. I came to Korea in order to see JYJ’s concert in Korea. I waited since the morning but gave me such a happy memory and I love JYJ so much.”

Having wrapped up the solo concert by proving its status as a global artist, JYJ recently finished its 2014 Asia tour in 8 cities, including Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Chengdu, Taipei, Shanghai and Bangkok.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Source : mwave[dot]interest[dot]me

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