6 Moments We′ll Always Remember about Kim Ja Ok, the Nation′s Princess

While most international fans might not have known her by name, just one look at her face is enough to be reminded of all the roles that she′s taken in a countless number of dramas and movies since she began acting in 1970.

Despite ailing from cancer for many years now, Kim Ja Ok has always maintained a bright and positive image, sending message of hope even in times of despair.

On the cold Sunday morning of November 16, we found out that the world lost Kim Ja Ok.

She was only 63 years old, with so much left for her to do, including watching her son get married in March. She was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a colleague, and an incredible artist in her field of acting, on and off the screen.

Stars and staff from every genre of entertainment continue to visit her memorial altar to pay their final respects to an actress that was so admired by her seniors, colleagues, and juniors.

During this mourning period, we would like to celebrate her life by sharing some particular moments that we will always remember about Kim Ja Ok.

We send our deepest condolences. Rest in Peace.

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1. The Karaoke Scene in My Name is Kim Sam Soon

It would be impossible for us go through all of her amazing performances as an actress, so we have chosen this particular moment.

In her career, Kim Ja Ok became the mother of a long list of actors, but we′ll always remember that she was Kim Sam Soon′s feisty mother with a huge personality despite her small size.

One of the best parts of MBC′s My Name is Kim Sam Soon involved Kim Ja Ok, in the episode she tested to see if Hyun Bin was worth giving her daughter to.

And what better way is there than to hit the Noraebang (karaoke) and have an awesome time, which provided one of the most amazing moments to come out from that drama.

Check out this hilarious moment here.

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2. When She said Big Bang′s Seungri wasn′t Funny on Strong Heart

Recovering from cancer treatments, Kim Ja Ok straightforwardly warned that if things get boring on SBS′ Strong Heart, she might just start dozing off during filming.

Sitting in the front row, Big Bang′s Seungri boasted that he was the king of talking, even sharing about the academy that he set up in his hometown.

As he continued under the spotight, Kim Ja Ok piped up after being silent for awhile and asked in confusion, "Does Seungri talk well? He′s been talking for about twenty minutes, but all the things he said so far weren′t funny."

Whether she was joking or not, it brought great laughs.

But she added that when she first saw him during the recording, she thought he was an actor because he was so handsome.

Check out Seungri′s humbling moment here.

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3. Staying Optimistic After Being Diagnosed with Cancer

Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Kim Ja Ok continued to film dramas in between cancer treatments, saying it was positivity that helped her do what she loved.

When she appeared on MBC′s Kneedrop Guru back in 2013, she shared something that her pastor told her.

"How do people die? Sudden blood pressure changes. Car accidents. Things like this. They′re not able to say another word and just die all of the sudden. Your family doesn′t know. You yourself don′t even know. There′s absolutely no preparation."

"Cancer is an illness that will let you prepare for death. There′s no need to despair. If things start getting worse, then I guess I should prepare for that. Who was that person that I hated the most? Ah, I should stop hating that person. Even if it′s one more statement, I should say something nice to my husband. I think [cancer] is something that gives me time to prepare. I kept thinking about positive things I should be thankful for."

Check out the clip here.

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4. Kim Ja Ok′s Proud Mommy Moment: Dancing with Her Son on TV

Having a rough family history of her own, Kim Ja Ok expressed just how much love she has for her family, even bringing her son to the Strong Heart filming.

It was there, where Kim Ja Ok witnessed her only son′s dance moves, perhaps for the first time.

Although she initially appeared utterly embarrassed, it didn′t take too long for her to hit the dance floor with her son and Big Bang′s G-Dragon.

Take a look at those dance moves here.

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5. Her Moments of Positivity on Nunas Over Flowers

Kim Ja Ok was known to be a very optimistic actress in the industry, and cancer wasn′t about to ruin that for her.

When she went to Croatia with her fellow actresses on tvN′s Nunas Over Flowers, she expressed that as her cancer returned and treatments began again, her confidence started to go down.

But, she soon changed her mind, saying "I realized that this could be a time for me to change. I′m going to travel everywhere. I have confidence in it."

Through her journey in Croatia with her senior and juniors, Kim Ja Ok spread her positive energy, dancing happily in the middle of the streets and encouraging her juniors just as she was encouraged.

In one particular episode, Kim Ja Ok sits at a table with Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon. Staring at her junior, Kim Ja Ok stated, pushing Lee Mi Yeon to tears, "I wish Mi Yeon will be happy. I just keep thinking, I hope she lives happily."

The simple statement sent waves of warmth, remaining as one of the most remembered moments from the entire trip.

Upon her passing, the staff of Nunas Over Flowers psoted on its official Facebook, "We′re unable to hide our sadness and pain, but we were very happy to be with Ja Ok nuna. The messages of optimism, hope, courage, and happiness that she always spoke of, we hope more people will be able to receive it."

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6. When She Became the Nation′s Princess

When a fun opportunity came up for her to become a singer, Kim Ja Ok took it gracefully, debuting as a singer with the song Princess is Lonely.

It was a slightly strange but extremely unique moment as this veteran actress appeared on a music program to perform this particular song. But even so, Kim Ja Ok held her own, taking each performance with a smile and confidently belting it out into the microphone.

It was from this point on that everyone in the nation started addressing Kim Ja Ok as a princess, and she′ll forever remain one for as long as we can help it.

Watch Kim Ja Ok′s dazzling performance here.

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