Highlights from 1st and 2nd day of RUN@SEOUL WEEK

A global digital campaign titled ‘Run@Seoul Week’ has kicked off on Wednesday, November 19 with its official opening ceremony. This event is designed to promote dynamic and lively images of Seoul through global citizens’ interactive participation. Global citizens can directly and indirectly experience Seoul by watching the live video stream of 5 runners from US, Singapore, China and Japan.

(5 runners during opening ceremony; From left to right: Xie Yi from China, Aaron Trimble from USA, Zhou Lin Jin from China, Kento Okazaki from Japan and Syahmi Rashid from Singapore)

The runners are currently carrying out the missions of finding attractions in Seoul, given by the controllers. The Controllers from all over the world are giving real-time missions to the runners, and the controllers who give the best missions to the runners will get opportunities to win amazing prizes, including a round trip flight ticket to Seoul, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, action camera, digital camera and t-shirts.

Here are fun episodes from the 1st day of RUN@SEOUL WEEK!

Aaron’s mission spot was Dongdaemun, and his mission was to buy a short-sleeve t-shirt. Although he liked the area, he chose this mission as the most difficult one because he just could not find a short-sleeve shirt that he could buy with his budget. In addition, because it is winter in Korea, and the shop he went into was women’s clothing store, he did not have many options. Look at him struggling to find a shirt!

(Aaron trying to find a short-sleeve shirt to accomplish his mission)

Syahmi’s mission spot was Yongsan. Although he had a stereotype on Yongsan that it was an area for Electronics, after spending time in Yongsan, his impression on the area has changed. His mission was to visit “Jjimjilbang”(public bathhouse or spa), and he chose this mission as the most memorable one because he could finally visit Jjimjilbang for the first time. Look at him having “sikhye” (Korean rice beverage) there!

(Syahmi at Jjimjilbang)

 Xie Yi’s mission was to find a restaurant that had “galchijorim.” At first, he had hard time finding one, but fortunately, he encountered a Chinese person who was a waiter at the restaurant, so he could successfully complete his misson.

(Xie Yi at Galchijorim restaurant)

Here are fun episodes from the 2nd day of RUN@SEOUL WEEK!

Kento chose Samcheong-dong as the most memorable place of the day because he got to ride on rickshaw. He was able to experience and enjoy the area better because the rickshaw driver explained different parts of Samcheongdong for him.

(Kento with rickshaw driver)

Lin Jin’s mission spot was Insadong, and she picked apricot tea and cane stick ice cream as the most delicious foods she tried that day. She really enjoyed sweet and sour taste of the tea, and she said ice cream was really good, although it was strange-looking.

(Linjin enjoying her time in Insadong)

Watch the highlights video to learn more about the dynamic city, Seoul!

The campaign will end on Sunday, November 23, and all global citizens are encouraged to participate in the campaign as a controller. Any global citizens who love Seoul and are interested in Korean culture can participate as controllers via www.runseoul.kr.
Source : dkpopnews[dot]net

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