2AM’s Changmin Appointed as Professor at Sohae University

2AM’s Changmin Appointed as Professor at Sohae University

Changmin of vocal group 2AM has proven he is an all-around entertainer as a singer, actor, and musical actor. He is now taking on a new challenge altogether, where instead of on a stage he will be standing behind a lectern.

On December 12, Sohae University of Gunsan city in Jeollabukdo Province announced that Changmin has been appointed as a professor in the university’s applied music department.

A source related to Sohae University commented, “Singer Changmin achieved his dream of becoming a singer, which others would have had to undergo years and years of training for, within a few months. This is because he already had polished singing skills and a strong work effort, such that he was working as a vocal trainer even before his debut.” The source revealed that Changmin was selected because of his experience as a vocal trainer, his singing ability, courteousness, and work effort.

Changmin will begin teaching at Sohae University next semester in 2015.

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