Shinhwa Decides on February Comeback for Higher Quality Album

The longest-running idol group, Shinhwa will be making a comeback in February.

After secretly holding its 12th album jacket shoot, Shinhwa made a final confirmation for a February comeback and is working to finish up its album.

Returning with a 12th album after a very long time, the Shinhwa members are currently pouring their hearts and souls into the new album, checking every little detail closely. Through a meeting in November, Shinhwa set February as a temporary comeback period and have continuously discussed and tuned up the new album′s comeback period as they worked to create a high quality album.

In order to present a close to perfect album for the fans, the members decided in the final meeting to make its comeback at the end of February after many long discussions.

Shinhwa Decides on February Comeback for Higher Quality Album

After releasing its official 11th album, The Classic in 2013, Shinhwa, who will be making a comeback after a year and nine months, teased a new album comeback filled with stages and charisma that only Shinhwa can show as a group of 17 years, raising fan expectations.

Shinhwa has shown many powerful and intense performances through Venus and This Love, and Shinhwa has been carefully choosing a title song for the upcoming 12th album title song that will also be able to show Shinhwa′s unique charms.

Shincom Entertainment stated, "After many long discussions on the comeback period, the Shinhwa members decided on the end of February. As belated as the comeback is compared to the previously scheduled date, the passion and musical greed of the members towards this album is great, and it′ll be okay to expect a higher quality album. Also, Shinhwa will not only be promoting the 12th album next year, but will carry out a concert and other activities, so please anticipate and show interest in Shinhwa and its comeback coming soon.

Shinhwa will make a comeback at the end of February with its 12th album.

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