B1A4 Explains Situation of Recent Fan Meeting in Malaysia

After getting swept in an controversy in Malaysia, B1A4 opened up its stance regarding the recent fan meeting.

According to a number of Malaysian news outlets on January 13, B1A4 left a negative impression on Muslims after holding hands and hugging with Islamic fans at its fanmeeting on January 10.

The report stated that a fanmeeting with 1,000 fans took place in Malaysia, where the B1A4 members carried out an event in which they held hands and hugged fans wearing hijabs, causing backlash from Muslims. The local news outlet argued that the event organizers must take responsibility for the issue.

Regarding this, B1A4′s agency, WM Entertainment, told Newsen on January 13, "Going with the promotions of the local event organizers, we carried out an event in which five out of many fans were chosen to reenact scenes from dramas. The event took place after consent from the winners was given ahead of time, and as some of the winners were Muslim, the MC asked one more time for consent on location due to their religion."

B1A4 Explains Situation of Recent Fan Meeting in Malaysia

"The atmosphere was great and it was an event that took place with prior consent, but we are completely acknowledging that things can be viewed differently through different lenses," said WM Entertainment. "For future fan meetings abroad, we will be more considerate and more cautious of the local culture, so we can all be able to enjoy it together."

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