Lee Joon to Make Cameo Appearance in ′Pinocchio′

With his relationship with director Cho Soo Won, Lee Joon will be appearing as sa cmameo in the drama Pinocchio.

On January 14, SBS Pinocchio revealed that through Lee Joon and director Cho Soo Won working together on Gapdong in the past, Lee Joon will make a surprise appearance in episode 19.

After working with director Cho Soo Won on tvN′s Gapdong, Lee Joon agreed to appear in Pinocchio without hesitation, participating in the filming on January 11.

Despite it being an extremely cold day with an outdoor filming, Lee Joon remained sincere along with the drama′s actors to pull off his character, putting all the staff members in awe.

In revealed photos, Lee Joon is seen, surrounded by large groups of reporters as he kept a solemn face, catching attention. Curiosity is on the rise to what kind of role he will play in the episode.

The production company of Pinocchio stated, "We′re thankful for Lee Joon, who agreed to appear in the drama through his relationship with director Cho Soo Won."

The company added, "Despite being a cameo appearance, Lee Joon put in his all for the filming, and we were all moved by his passion. Please look forward to what kind of scene will take place with Lee Joon."

Lee Joon to Make Cameo Appearance in ′Pinocchio′

Pinocchio is about a man who lived his life under a false name and a woman who cannot take a lie. Two episodes will air back-to-back on January 14, followed by the drama′s final episode on January 20.

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