Lee Byung Hun′s Blackmailers Lee Ji Yeon and Da Hee Sentenced to Jail

The Justice Department has sentenced Lee Ji Yeon and Kim Da Hee to jail time.

The final trial of Lee Byung Hun′s five billion won black mail case took place on January 15 at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-dong. Lee Byung Hun did not attend, but GLAM member Kim Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon were present.

On this day, the Justice Department sentenced Lee Ji Yeon to one year and two months to prison, and Kim Da Hee, one year of prison. If they do not agree with the sentence, the two can submit a petition of appeal within seven days.

Lee Byung Hun′s Blackmailers Lee Ji Yeon and Da Hee Sentenced to Jail

In September of 2014, Lee Byung Hun reported to the police that he was being blackmailed by Da Hee and Lee Ji Yeon to pay five billion won if he doesn′t want their secretly recorded conversations to go public.

The police arrested Da Hee and Lee Ji Hyun without warrant, and the case was later transferred to prosecution. The two were charged for an act of violence and a violation of the law (joint blackmail).

A petition of appeal was received on September 29, 2014, and Da Hee and Lee Ji Hyun had their first trial on October 16. After responding that he would not appear in the scheduled November 11 trial, Lee Byung Hun appeared as a witness in the changed date of November 24. Prosecution demanded three years of prison for Da Hee and Lee Ji Yeon during the third trial on December 16.

Starting October 17, 2014, Da Hee wrote a total of 18 apology letters, while Lee Ji Yeon wrote 11 after the first trial on October 29, requesting favorable arrangements.

Following his appearance during the second hearing, Lee Byung Hun flew to the US and spent time with his wife, Lee Min Jung, who recently returned to Korea on January 14 for a commercial shoot. Lee Byung Hun′s return is up in the air.

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