Nicole to Debut as Soloist with Sweetune in Mid-November

Nicole is currently working with the producing team, Sweetune.

On October 20, B2M Entertainment told Newsen, "Nicole is currently working on a new song with Sweetune. This upcoming album will most likely be a mini-album."

Nicole to Debut as Soloist with Sweetune in Mid-November

Staying secretive on the genre and concept, B2M Entertainment added, "We′re working on the new song with mid-November as the goal."

Sweetune is a talented producing team that created several hit songs for Kara, including Jumping, Mister and more. With Nicole leaving Kara, people are wondering what kind of synergy effect Nicole and Sweetune will have this time around.

Following the end of her contract with DSP Media, Nicole signed with B2M Entertainment to prepare for her solo career.

The relationship between B2M Entertainment and Nicole is quite special as B2M Entertainment′s CEO, Gil Jong Hwa is the one who helped debut Nicole into the music industry.

CEO Gil Jong Hwa was in charge of Kara when he was working under DSP Media. The faith that Nicole and CEO Gil Jong Hwa have in each other is known to be quite strong in the industry.

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