Star Empire Releases Official Statement Regarding ZE:A Jun Young’s SNS Posts

Star Empire released an official statement on the situation regarding ZE:A′s current situation.

On October 21, Star Empire posted a statement explaining its situation in regards to Jun Young’s SNS posts.

An affiliate of Star Empire told Newsen on October 21, “Jun Young will be halting all activities for awhile. He is not leaving ZE:A but will be taking a break to take some time to recharge. His return date has not been decided on.”

Through the official statement, Star Empire revealed, “Jun Young and the ZE:A members have been carrying out meetings with CEO Shin Joo Hak in order to find middle ground. Insufficient treatment for Tae Heon’s martial arts injury caused Jun Young to reveal the situation through Twitter,” adding, “Star Empire also feels completely responsible for bringing about the situation.”

Star Empire continued, “Jun Young’s apology that was posted the next day mostly reflected the company’s position on the issue. But because of this, the public’s speculative misunderstanding on Jun Young increased and Jun Young once again expressed a rebuttal through Twitter, causing the hostility of the public to grow larger,” adding, “We’re regretful that the company’s mistake in judgment caused Jun Young additional pain, causing unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Star Empire stated, “The entire members of ZE:A, including Jun Young, and CEO Shin Joo Hak formed a new system reflecting the members’ opinion and the executives and staff members at Star Empire would like to sincerely apologize for causing this situation,” and added, “Jun Yong will be halting all communication on SNS to plan his future activities and please wait for Jun Young, who will be returning with a new look. He also asked to support the other 8 members’ activities.”

The following is the official statement from Star Empire

Hello, this is Star Empire.

We’re writing this in order to give you accurate information on the conflict between ZE:A’s leader Jun Young and CEO Shin Joo Hak that happened in the past one month. First, Star Empire would like to apologize deeply about the things that happened in regards to Jun Young, the other members and CEO Shin Joo Hak and would like to sincerely tell everyone who loves ZE:A about conflicts between Jun Young and the company and the misunderstandings and rumors that spread about Jun Young and Star Empire.

Star Empire Releases Official Statement Regarding ZE:A Jun Young’s SNS Posts

●The reason Jun Young wrote on his Twitter: We doubt that a conflict between an agency and its artist is the problem of just one company.

Working with Star Empire for the past ten years, Jun Yong and the ZE:A members have been carrying out meetings with the CEO in order to develop in a better direction, trying to find middle ground among the members and the company. But on September 12, the day before Osaka and Tokyo fan meeting, the members’ complaints maximized when Tae Heon received insufficient treatment for his martial arts injury and leader Jun Young, who decided that he could no longer communicate with the company, decided to borrow the public’s power by announcing the situation through Twitter.

It was not a wise way but from Jun Young’s point of view, he had no other choice. Star Empire also feels completely responsible for bringing about the situation.

●The day after the 21st: the misunderstanding and truth regarding the apology tweet that said misunderstanding and conflicts have been resolved.

The ZE:A members and the CEO met immediately and found a solution heading in the right direction regarding profit distribution and the rights and welfare of the artists. Following this, Jun Young apologized for causing an issue through his Twitter, promising to show better stages.

However, the next day on the 21st, the publicly revealed apology letter on Twitter saying that all the misunderstandings and conflicts have been resolved were seen more strongly as the company’s position more than Jun Young’s. In the stance of the company, we thought that we shouldn’t create disorder for netizens regarding an internal issue.

However, due to this, the public’s speculations and misunderstandings towards Jun Young grew, and Jun Young once again expressed a rebuttal through Twitter, causing the hostility of the public to grow larger.

Again, due to the error in judgment by the company, we gave Jun Young more hurt, and we regret imprinting an unnecessary misunderstanding on fans. A day is not enough to express the complaints and resentments of 10 years, so to express the struggle and issues of ten years in just 140 characters was clearly not enough.

We ask for much understanding for creating more misunderstanding after he tried to counter the growing misunderstanding and rumors about himself on SNS with just 140 characters against a group of anonymous people before realizing that his words were meaningless.

●For future plans: we have constructed a new system reflecting off the opinions of all the members of ZE:A, including the current leader Moon Jun Young, and CEO Shin Joo Hak, and all the employees of Star Empire are sincerely apologizing for causing a stir with this issue.

Moon Jun Young is also self-reflecting on causing much worry to his loving fans and the fans for the past month and will work hard to show a better side to himself.

For the future plans, Moon Jun Young will be stopping communication through SNS and halt activities for the time being, so please wait for Moon Jun Young who will return newly refreshed again. He also left a last statement, asking for support for the activities of the remaining 8 members.

Through honest talks and the continuous coexistence with the artists, Star Empire plans on showing great things to the fans and will do its best not to allow something like this to happen again.

October 21, 2014
Star Empire, ZE:A members and employees.

Photo credit: Newsen

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