Kim Hyun Joong in 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards : Most Popular Actor in a Drama Nominees List and List of winners

Kim Hyun Joong was made known as  “Jihoo” role in Boys Over Flower, and Baek sung Ju in”Naughty Kiss” tried his luck in acting skills in action. This drama “Inspiring Generation”  enchanced his skills in action with his mascular body and transformation on his physical appearance and facial expression turned his role as “Shin Jung Tae” more realistic . Kim Hyun Joong managed to be convincing and turned his character from the flower boy to a fighter as Shin Jeong-tae.. His humility and simplicity makes him more lovable not only to korea but from fans all over the world.

As recalled he tried a drama before Inspiring Generation , “City Conquest” and took an acting lessons for it but unfortunately the said drama was cancelled. Hyun Joong nim, ‘ gave it all to Jeong-tae character.  And deny the fact that his acting skills now improved a lot and more convincing from flower boy image to a real action character actor.

Could these handsome idol  turned actor  hit or miss the big screen? That is what we need to watch for.

Kim Hyun-joong still has a lot to improve as an actor but with this  drama Insipring Generation he has proven that he can not only dance and sing but  could be a  good actor as well.

Congratulations for your nominations.–most-popular-actor-i…drama-nominees-list-69015.html congratulations to all winners:

Grand Prize (Daesang)

Jeon Ji-hyeon ”My Love from the Star” (SBS)

Best Drama

Grand Prize (Daesang)

Jeon Ji-hyeon ”My Love from the Star” (SBS)

Best Drama

“Good Doctor” KBS

Best Director

Ahn Pan-seok “Secret Love Affair” (JTBC)

Best Leading Actor

Jo Jae-hyeon“Jeong Do-jeon” (KBS)

Best Leading Actress

Lee Bo-yeong “I Hear Your Voice” (SBS)

Best New Actor

Jeong Woo ”Answer Me 1994” (tvN)

Best New Actress

Baek Jin-hee “Empress Qi” (MBC)

Best Writing

Jeong Seong-joo “Secret Love Affair” (JTBC)

Best Song

Lyn (린) ‘My Destiny’ “My Love from the Star” OST

Most Popular Actress in a Drama

Park Shin-hye “The Heirs” (SBS)

Most Popular Actor in a Drama

Kim Soo-hyeon-I ”My Love from the Star” (SBS)

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