Ha Ji Won is an angel in disguise at fanmeeting in Singapore

South Korea’s talented leading actress, Ha Ji Won, kicked off her first Asia Tour Fan Meeting – ‘Bridge of Friendship’ in Singapore on 10 January. Held at the Singapore Conference Hall, the fan meeting went on for close to 2 hours, almost the duration of a full-fledged concert! Reason being, Ha Ji Won could not resist the shouts of encore from her dedicated fans. On that night, the Korean actress has proved herself to be a true angelic goddess with a heart of gold. It might sound as an exaggeration to some however attendees of the fan meeting would strongly feel the same way.

Despite her feisty and tough roles played in dramas such as ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Empress Ki’, Ha Ji Won revealed a softer and gentler side during the fan meeting. The actress had especially brushed up on her English language skills so as to be able to converse as much as possible with her international fans.

What is a Ha Ji Won fan meeting without the mention of her hit dramas Secret Garden and Empress Ki? The audience were in for a video treat as Ha Ji Won went down memory lane by revisiting her past drama sites. There was even a personal video footage of her making kimchi at her aunt’s place, which goes to show just what a all-rounder she is. Her passion for acting clearly showed when she revealed her fear for heights yet challenged many wire-stunts as Gil Ra-Im in ‘Secret Garden’. “I think I am the best wire actress in Korea,” she joked.

During the game segment, a perfect opportunity for fans to get upclose and interact with the actress on stage, Ha Ji Won showed her utmost sincerity and love foor fans. For instance during the archery competition, she took the initiative to help her fans with the arrow and bow. Not only that, she ensured that her staff on stage were positioned in such a way so as not to block the audience sitting at the side. And then asking several times, if their view were being blocked. Such thoughtfulness certainly came from the heart and won the audience over.

Having prepared hard for the song segments, Ha Ji Won sang ‘That Woman’ the soundtrack from ‘Secret Garden’. In addition, she went beyond her comfort zone to sing in Chinese and English! Her encore song was the ultimatum and Ha Ji Won was seen being so touched that she teared in joy. The fan meeting wrapped up with a high-five session with every single audience present.

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