The problem with Pantone color of the year





Each year, the creations from around the world design are turning to Pantone Color Institute to guide them in hue will rule for the next 365 days. The year last color, radiant Orchid, a cheerful tone lilac, has been widely praised as one that symbolized the economic recovery, optimism for humanity and a sense of sophisticated lens.

The color of this year, a silent tone scarlet mark "Marsala" received a decidedly bitter response: Social media asked what Pantone calls "an ongoing robust red wine land" as "a color that makes you want to go to Olive Garden or Tampax in bulk. "

The reddish brown color reminds one of rust, coating type induction gag dirty corners or Frat Boy dormitory style bathrooms.

"As the fortified Marsala wine that gives name as this nuance embodies the richness of a good satisfying meal, while rooted reddish brown earth exude a sophisticated, natural earthiness" Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute, said in the news business. "It's warm but stylish is universally appealing and easily translates into fashion, beauty, industrial design, furniture and interior."


But bold and exciting looks controversial. While some have found rich color tones and sophisticated real Burgundy, many carried evocation brownstone various processes. Think oxide coating type induction gag dirty corners or Frat Boy dormitory style bathrooms. O blood, dry sex whose strange iron content is exposed to air long enough to evoke a brick boring time.


If the year Pantone chosen as a predictor of the coming months will bring, and 2015 and not so rosy looked. Or maybe some chicken Marsala Marsala wine pairing will take care of these issues.


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