[Battle] Teen Top vs. 2PM

Teen Top and 2PM are both making their highly-anticipated comebacks on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN this week – but with completely different concepts.

From the party animal to the sensitive soul, 2PM and Teen Top has you covered, but we want to know whose comeback you’re looking forward to the most.

Read on and vote for your favorite boys below!

[Battle] Teen Top vs. 2PM

Teen Top

Amidst a world tour and filming Mnet’s Entertain Us, busy idols Teen Top has managed to squeeze in a comeback.

Teen Top has been building anticipation for its return with the somber Missing by releasing teasers every day before EXITO drops on September 15.

Check out the first teaser below!

[Battle] Teen Top vs. 2PM


It appears 2PM has outgrown acting Grown from last year, as the boys are back to their party animal ways in latest single Go Crazy.

2PM is back with a party anthem, decked out in sequins and dance moves that’ll make even dads want to bust a move.

Rev up your motorcycles with 2PM below!

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