Celebrities Send Condolences and Prayers for RiSe and LADIES′ CODE

With the devastating news that Kwon RiSe of LADIES′ CODE passed away after putting up such a fight to live, friends, colleagues, and fans alike sent their condolences and unending prayers through SNS to the LADIES′ CODE members.

Continue praying for the LADIES′ CODE members, their families, their agency staff, and their friends as they go through this time of immense grief.

Celebrities Send Condolences and Prayers for RiSe and LADIES′ CODE

Girls′ Day So Jin: I really sincerely hoped.... I really prayed a lot... RiSe... I hope you are at peace in heaven.... I give my condolences.

2AM Lee Chang Min: Ah... My heart is so heavy. Please rest peacefully... please. I send my condolences. I′ll be praying.

Eric Nam: RiSe... I give my condolences... Please rest in peace up there. I′ll be praying. Everyone please pray for RiSe and those around her. She was such an amazing and kind girl.

Byul: RiSe...RiSe... rest well. This unnie will never forget you, who were so kind. Let′s meet again in heaven.

Haha: Ah... You worked hard...RiSe...Please rest there... Ah...

Rainbow Jaekyung: I send my condolences... I was praying.... ha.... how could this happen?

DJ DOC Kim Chang Ryul: RiSe, go to a better place. Please send condolences to RiSe

4minute So Hyun: I really kept praying... I send my condolences

Baek A Yeon: I believed she would win this. My heart aches. RiSe unnie, I send my condolences.

Dal Shabet Soobin: I sincerely hoped and prayed... I am not doubtful that she went to a better place. I send my condolences.

Jung Jun Ha: This is such an unbelievable and difficult.. I hope that she rests peacefully in heaven with no pain. Kwon RiSe, I send my condolences.

U-KISS Soohyun: Ha.... I send my condolences. My heart is aching so much. Please pray a lot so that she can go to a better place. Never forget these two people.

Kahi: I am so upset... my heart is in so much pain. Please rest peacefully.

Kim Hyung Jun: Be happy in a place where there is no pain. I send my condolences.

Ji Suk Jin: Ah... I just can′t believe. I really cannot. She was so young, this is the most unfortunate. She was such a bright and innocent person... I send my condolences to RiSe. I pray that she is in a better place.

Secret Jun Hyo Seong: My heart aches. I pray that you rest peacefully in heaven. It′s so upsetting and painful on this day that′s supposed to be warm. I send my condolences... I′ll keep praying.

Rainbow No Eul: Ah I cannot believe this... my heart is breaking. I send my condolences. RiSe and EunB, don′t hurt there and rest peacefully... I don′t know how much comfort this will be, but I pray that the other members quickly recover and find strength.

Bumkey: It couldn′t just be an enjoyable mid-autumn festival. RiSe, even though I wasn′t able to see her often, she was also sobright and kind, and worked so hard... but another farewell... I pray that she went to a better place. And she most definitely went to a better place. I send my condolences.

U-Kiss Kevin: Too shocked for words. RiSe was a true fighter. I send my deep condolences to her and her family.

4minute Ji Yoon: My heart...is really falling apart. I send my condolences.

Megan Lee: Ah... RiSe unnie... my heart is ripping into pieces and is in so much pain. Let′s all pray that she can rest peacefully in heaven.

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