[Exclusive Video/SELFIE GIVEAWAY] C-Clown Shows Off Selfie Skills at ‘MEET&GREET’

We′re rolling out our MEET&GREET SELFIE series throughout the Chuseok holidays. We′ve got exclusive videos from K-Pop stars who took the camera into their own hands to bring you a very special SELFIE message!

We want to see YOU the reader too - so on every SELFIE article, just comment below with a SELFIE of your own in order to win the artist′s SIGNED CD! (Rules Below)

We handed the camera over to the C-Clown members when they stopped by Mwave′s MEET&GREET, and they did not disappoint us with their selfie skills.

[Exclusive Video/SELFIE GIVEAWAY] C-Clown Shows Off Selfie Skills at ‘MEET&GREET’

The boys took their selfie duties seriously, pulling out the funny faces and winks for fans.

When asked how he’s feeling moments before the live broadcast, member Ray said, “We’re going live for our MEET&GREET in about 30 minutes, and it’s our first time doing something live online, so it’s really interesting and the program seems really cool.”

Check out the clip below and let us know who you think the selfie king is below!


1. Comment below on this article with a SELFIE and a message for C-Clown - we′ll be picking the one that makes us laugh, smile or cry the most, so make it a good one!

2. Please only comment ONCE a day with ONE selfie. You may comment on a different day with a different selfie and message, but repeats will not be counted.

3. Do not steal photos. Photos must be selfies, but if you′re shy, you can show only part of your face, or draw over it - be creative!

Event length: 2014.09.09-09.17
Winners Announcement: 2014.09.24

Source : mwave[dot]interest[dot]me

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