Christmas Simplification

This year, our famous Christmas easiest way family. We hope to fly to Texas to be with the parents and siblings of my husband, leaving the week before Christmas.

Because of these great travel plans for our rowdy group of six years, many things have been simplified in December. And I find it very liberating. Although I usually like the tradition of cutting and decorating our tree this year alone, we turned on the vegetation in our piano and some Christmas decorations scattered around the house. Decoration took half the time and half the cost! Small and simple gifts are purchased that can be easily packed in our bags. In fact, I was almost done shopping in early December!

Stress December

With a lower tone Christmas reminded me of why I often feel so stressed in December. Try to get all the good cookies to participate in ten different Christmas events, and find the perfect gift for all those involved in the life of our family. Throughout the Christmas chaos, the true meaning of Christmas is often lost. Jesus is our greatest gift, and it is your life we are celebrating.

The other night at dinner, we talk to our children about Jesus Christmas maintain concentration. With worried eyes my six year old asked me, "Mom, this is not the right to give gifts" Of course, does not mean involve giving gifts is wrong but we want our children?. understand that the gifts are not the main point of Christmas. as we talked about other ways to share the love of Jesus at Christmas, playing the piano and singing in the nursing homes to buy gifts for someone in need, my six year old son started talking she is happy you can stillgive do this kind of things and gifts to each other (reference to mom and dad).

Teach our children the great gift

So this year I'm on a mission to simplify and enable new ways to teach our children the great Christmas. Here are some things we do.

Every night before Christmas (well, maybe not every night but mostnights) we read of our favorite Christmas devotional side of the table, take the time to discuss issues and the beautiful singing hymns included.

We use our Advent calendar to think of an attribute of God or a gift that Jesus gives us each day. Children turning thinking of them and write on a piece of paper in your pocket.

We give our children a sum of money to help World Vision project of their choice. At this point, our son is most excited about the project sunlight.

We sing songs with our own family one or two nights after dinner.

We find creative and simple solutions to bless others with our time and resources, a phone call or a piece of bread.

A family favorite: representing the Christmas story on Christmas morning, as we read in the Bible. Although I wonder how many more years the ass (my husband) can lead to regrowth Mary!

My encouragement to you and to my own heart this Christmas is to avoid becoming so busy doing things (even good things!) The tight time to reflect and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas does not mean simply declined. Even if you decide to jump in butter recipe grandma cookies, who still love the wonder of Jesus, the greatest gift

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