10 Things We Discovered about Romance from ‘Discovery of Romance’ - Episode 1

As the characters in KBS’ Discovery of Romance learn a thing or two about love, we decided to also list out ten things that we learned along with them.

Here’s what we learned from episode 1.

Even the most perfect relationships can come to an end.

Han Yeoreum
Because of him, the way I date changed.
Things get calculated a lot faster and a lot clearer.
I also learned how to get the leadership role while dating.
I learned through a lot of failures.”

Date a lot. Fail a lot. Learn a lot. Win.

Yoon Sol
Nam Hajin went out on a blind date. Did you not even suspect it?

Always have friends who will straightforwardly tell you if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

You never know when you’ll run into an ex,
and it might be when you’re spying on your boyfriend on a blind date with another woman.

Han Yeoreum
I have this guy that I like, but I can’t marry him because I have no money.
So I pretend like I don’t have any interest in marriage
because it’s painful to my pride if I say I can’t marry
because I don’t have money.

Start saving up for marriage.

Kang Taeha
I don’t know why it had to be just then. It was an amazing coincidence.

Nam Hajin
If the cellphone didn’t run out of batteries then, could our future have been different?

Han Yeoreum
How does coincidence become fate, and where will fate take us?

Just let fate take its course. Don′t force it.

Han Yeoreum
Is this a dream? Is it a dream that we met again?

Kang Taeha
It’s not a dream. You’re a woman who never appears in dreams.
That’s the kind of woman you are.
A woman that never showed up
even though I prayed over and over to appear once in my dreams
because I missed you.

Han Yeoreum
It is a dream. Kang Taeha wasn’t a man who said things like that.

People can change.

A crazy shower system (and a bunny) can bring two people together.

It′s okay to make mistakes sometimes, like putting a button into the wrong hole.

Lying gets you nowhere good.

Photo Credit: KBS

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