TaeTiSeo Says ′The TaeTiSeo′ Will Reveal A Lot (But Not All)

With an impending comeback, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) unit group TaeTiSeo is bringing fans along for the ride as the girls prepare for their return in a new reality show.

A press conference was held at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul’s Sangam-dong on August 22, where the TaeTiSeo members talked about their upcoming On Style reality show The TaeTiSeo.

TaeTiSeo Says ′The TaeTiSeo′ Will Reveal A Lot (But Not All)

SNSD may be one of the biggest and most high profile names in K-Pop, but members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun emphasized that the show is centered on showing fans the small things – which is just what they want to see.

Taeyeon said, “Rather than big things, a lot of people were curious about the little things – the way we talk when we’re together, whether we use slang, what’s in our bag - so that’s what we wanted to show.”

The show’s CP, Kim Ji Wook, added, “Our goal isn’t to show everything. We wanted to show the girls’ realness.”

As leaders not only in K-Pop but on the style scene, TaeTiSeo’s fashion and beauty will be central to the show, which is targeted at women in their 20s.

“We want to be able to offer advice to girls in their 20s and share what we know,” said Tiffany. “We want people to see our realness and genuineness.”

Taeyeon added, “The purpose of ′The TaeTiSeo’ is to show TaeTiSeo’s album preparation and things fans may be curious about when it comes to TaeTiSeo like beauty and fashion.”

She continued, expressing her thoughts on letting the public in to her personal life through a reality show after her recent dating scandal, “I don’t think I have to reveal everything about myself because it’s a reality show. And I don’t think it fits the nature of the show.”

The members also revealed that although the girls are like family now, they′re learning more about each other through the show.

Tiffany said, “We haven’t done a show like this in a long time. We’ve changed a lot over the years, but I think fans will also be able to see that we’re still the same in a lot of ways.”

The TaeTiSeo is the second show in On Style’s Real Star series, following Jessica & Krystal.

The TaeTiSeo will premiere on On Style on August 26.

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