f(x)’s Victoria Denies that Her Weibo Post Was About Sulli

f(x)’s Victoria expressed her discomfort regarding people’s speculation on her recent Weibo post.

On August 19, Victoria wrote on her Weibo, “I started using Weibo in order to interact with the fans who support me and to relay my energy.”

Then she added, “It was a post that I wrote to thank, apologize or to cheer up my fans. I hope that people won’t misunderstand the post and take it in a wrong way, not knowing the real meaning behind it.”

She concluded, “I don’t want to create anxiety for anyone. Thank you.”

Previously, Victoria had written on her Weibo, “Don’t worry. She is okay. There is a person who would bring her a blanket if she was cold, bring her food if she was hungry and wait for her in the rain. How romantic is that. I feel envious.”

f(x)’s Victoria Denies that Her Weibo Post Was About Sulli

The post received over 100,000 recommended hits and 30,000 retweets within a day, getting spotlights from both Korean and Chinese fans. Most fans guessed that Victoria was showing her support for Sulli, who went public with her relationship, but some mean and slandering comments were also left on the post.

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