B1A4 to Reveal ′Solo Day′ MV with Korea′s Scenery on ′One Fine Day′

B1A4 will be releasing a surprise music video release of Solo Day with Korean scenery.

Comping up on August 18, MBC Music′s B1A4′s One Fine Day will release a B1A4-produced music video for Solo Day at Mongdol Beach, as the members tour Geoje riding ATVs and yachts.

After arriving in Geoje, the members were making their trip schedules, when the B1A4 leader, Jin Young decided that they create a music video for Solo Day on Mongdol Beach.

With the beach decorated with beautiful black pebbles, the B1A4 members arrived at the beach where Baro helped to write the script, produce, and direct the Mongdol Beach version of Solo Day.

Having experience in acting in several dramas, Baro distributed roles and sharply directed the members, surprising the staff at his professionalism.

B1A4 to Reveal ′Solo Day′ MV with Korea′s Scenery on ′One Fine Day′

B1A4 to Reveal ′Solo Day′ MV with Korea′s Scenery on ′One Fine Day′

Also, according to Baro′s script, the music video needed a female, making the members scurry to find a woman. They ultimately ended up with CNU for his short hair, making the tallest member of B1A4 pin up a ribbon on his hair for his first tranformation into a woman.

The shoot was full of laughter as Jin Young′s ideal type strangely fit all of CNU′s style. CNU ended up surprising the memberes with his monster-like acting as a female character.

Meanwhile, Sandeul, who is in charge of the main vocal, was designated to make the choreography, creating a completely new and comical dance from the original

Other than the music video, the B1A4 members also exploded the beautiful scenery of Geoje, holding poetry competitions, and riding ATVs and yachts, even getting into a sudden accident.

The broadcast will air on August 18.

Photo Credit: MBC Music

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