Former Skarf member Ferlyn makes solo debut in Singapore

Organised by iGlobal Star with EQ Music, Ferlyn hit off her solo debut by greeting her screaming fans both in Korean and Mandarin. Bringing Mint from Tiny-G on stage brought much excitement to the fans and onlookers as well. Proceeding on to singing her new releases, the upbeat ‘Luv Talk’, as well as a mellow ’不見不散’,

At the after party, both Ferlyn and Mint had the opportunity to share more special moments with the first 50 ticket holders at an exclusive party where games were played, pictures taken together with Ferlyn and Mint, as well as watching the premiere MV for both the Korean and Mandarin version of ‘Luv Talk’.

A video was also prepared for Ferlyn by her fans, close friends and also her family, sending her well wishes and the best of luck on her musical endeavour. Fans and Ferlyn herself were shocked to see that renowned Jing Lin and JJ Lin had both sent video entries wishing her the best and also complimenting her on her performance skills. JJ Lin mentioned on how he was impressed with Ferlyn’s competent ability to sing and dance.

Ferlyn’s amiable character was felt throughout the night, and she constantly had this air around her which let you know that she had put in her best efforts into making music as best as she could for her fans.

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