SISTAR′s Bora Says Members Don′t Meet Up Often Since They Live Separately

SISTAR′s Bora shared that she doesn′t see the members often.

On January 8, the press conference for MBC every1′s SISTAR′s Showtime toko place at the IFC Mall CGV theater in Yeouido, where Bora revealed that the members all live on their own.

On this day, Hyolyn said about filming Showtime, "There was a lot of fun things that came up as we remembered the days when we lived together in the dorm. I think we′ll be able to show a fresh image, very different when we′re on stage."

Bora added, "I think we were able to do things we normally couldn′t do on Showtime. Because the members all live separately, when we′re not promoting, we don′t really get together, which was a bit bothersome, but I′m glad we′re able to come together and do fun things."

Dasom also said, "We thank the writers. I think the fact that we were able to really innocently go on a trip on our own without a script was really enjoyable."

SISTAR′s Bora Says Members Don′t Meet Up Often Since They Live Separately

Showtime is a program that goes off of the questions viewers have for stars. The show began with EXO in November 2013 and continued with B2ST and A Pink, becoming a program to appear on for trending idols.

Being joining as the fourth idol group to appear on Showtime, the SISTAR members will show their everyday lives while satisfying the curiosity of viewers.

The first episode will air on January 8.

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