Heechul Of Super Junior Admits He Overreacted When Asked If Sulli Of f(x)'s Is Dating Choiza Of Dynamic Duo

Heechul of Super Junior on “Ssulzun”
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f(x)'s Sulli
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Dynamic Duo's Choiza
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Call it the scandal that wouldn't die.

Nearly six months after the 19-year-old singer Sulli of the girl group f(x) set off media fireworks after being photographed holding hands the morning after drinking beers with 24-year-old rapper Choiza of Dynamic Duo, the subject is still coming up in interviews.

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And discussions on the Sulli and Choiza "scandal" aren't just restricted to Q&As with the two stars.

Reportedly a close friend of Sulli, Super Junior singer Kim Heechul took the opportunity during his Thursday appearance on the South Korean talk show "Ssulzun" to apologize for not being more forthcoming about the Choiza dating rumors when he last appeared, back in October.

"I was added to the show during the 31st episode, and in the following episode, Sulli's scandal was the topic," Heechul said.

"I should've talked about it, going along with the flow of the program, but I got defensive. I'd like to apologize to all the viewers."

Despite the earnest apology, Heechul wasn't nearly as standoffish in the October interview ads you might think, mainly stating that he thought it was too bad that there wasn't any truth to the story, after both of the stars' management denied the dating rumor.

"I would have[given them my support]. She's a good person with a good personality," Heechul said in the 2013 interview.

"Sulli is also very cute, so I think they would have matched really well."

The Super Junior and Super Junior-T band member recalled the frenzy of friends and reporters that wanted to get his take on the dating rumors.

"I was in Japan when Sulli's dating rumor exploded and when I turned on my phone, I had 40 missed calls," Heechul said.

"Everyone, from reporters to friends, was asking if they were dating. Some people even asked, 'weren't you dating Sulli?'"

Although he said Sulli texted him with a crying emoticon when the rumors she and Choiza were dating first exploded, the Super Junior singer claims he told her not to tell him anything, since he was shooting an episode of "Ssulzun" and didn't want to have to lie.

"Because after I hear it from her and I come on the broadcast, whether I say they are or aren't dating, I'll end up becoming a liar," he said.


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