T-ARA Releases New Song “First Love” and Music Video

T-ARA Releases New Song “First Love” and Music Video
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T-ARA and composer Jo Youngsoo's collaboration song "First Love" was released today.

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"First Love" was introduced to fans through Melon and other online music stores. T-ARA participated in the song featured in Jo Youngsoo's album All Star without pay.

The music video, which captured the entire recording process, also was released through online music websites.

The music video displays T-ARA's serious professionalism as well as their fun-loving side during the recording.

The members of T-ARA have remained close to composer Jo Youngsoo since their debut in 2009; the music video showed their friendship and perfect teamwork as K-Pop's greatest collaboration team.

"First Love" is a catchy dance song featuring a tango rhythm underlining poetic lyrics. The lyrics illustrate the sadness over the loss of first love. T-ARA's soulful voice and rookie rapper EB's powerful rap pulls the song up to perfection.

Meanwhile, T-ARA and composer Jo Youngsoo collaborated to produce many hit songs such as "Lies", "Crazy Because of You", "Cry Cry", and "Day by Day", heightening expectations for their new song, "First Love".

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