K-Pop Workout Playlist:BTS, GOT7, And Male Groups That Make Us Sweat

BTS and GOT7 deliver the music that makes us move.
BTS and GOT7 deliver the music that makes us move.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) recently released the dance tutorial for their Boy In Luv choreography. The synchronization and skill exhibited in the tutorial is demonstrative of the progress BTS has made since their debut in June 2013. Boy In Luv is one of the most complicated dances to be released by a male group in recent months. With the changes between levels and complex footwork, Boy In Luv is an excellent addition to a cardio routine.

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BTS shows off the key to mastering the 'Boy In Luv' choreography.

GOT7 has had one of the hottest debuts in recent years, with a large portion of the well-deserved attention attributed to their unique choreography. With martial arts influences, the dance for Girls Girls Girls tests even the most skilled dancer. From the perspective of a song that is appropriate for fitness, Girls Girls Girls features an infectious beat which motivates the body to move.

GOT7's 'Girls Girls Girls' choreography provides a very intense dance workout.

DJ remix sets of SHINee, VIXX, and Topp Dogg to add to your workout playlist

Take a break from the intensity of the dance with a mashup of 'Baby One More Time...' and 'Girls Girls Girls'

Korean electronic artists BeatBurger have released a series of set mixes that feature EDM, indie rock, and K-Pop. In the mix for their vol.6.5 release, there is a very interesting SHINee medley which features Lucifer and Dream Girl.

BeatBurger includes SHINee's 'Lucifer' and 'Dream Girl' in the mix.

A great VIXX mix of 'Superhero', 'Rock UR Body', and 'GR8U'.

Topp Dogg's 'Arario' goes dubtep.

As a U.S. resident in the Northeast, the past two months have been filled with snow days and less opportunities to go outside to exercise. Lack of motivation becomes a hindrance to maintaining a workout routine. When exercising at home, using videos like the Let's Dance series or dancing to K-Pop dance tutorials can help to off-set boredom.

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