[Star of the Week] Infinite

Infinite′s been busy traveling the world, but now the boys are finally back!

And just in time - Infinite has been named our Star of the Week for the final week of February!

[Star of the Week] Infinite

Infinite is all set to greet Korean fans at the encore leg of its One Great Step tour on February 28 and March 8, and of course, the group is busy cracking fans up via reality show This is Infinite.

Infinite′s Woohyun is also set to release a single with bff SHINee′s Key as ToHeart, which means new music is coming out of Infinite (sort of) as well.

[Star of the Week] Infinite

All of the spotlight headed toward Infinite′s way was clearly enough to get the group the top spot in our poll, as Infinite snagged 33.8% of the votes, beating out Kim Soo Hyun, BTS and B1A4.

We′ve got special articles on Infinite coming your way, so stay tuned for more on our Star of the Week!

Source : mwave[dot]interest[dot]me

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