SISTAR's Hyorin Shared Her Bare Face On 'SISTAR's Midnight In Hong Kong'


Fans wonder what their favorite idols look like when they don't wear any make up at all. Do they look pretty even though without the help of makeup? Recently, SISTAR's Hyorin shared her bare face on SISTAR's "Midnight in Hong Kong".

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The K-Pop group SISTAR is travelling through Hong Kong and is sharing the sights and sounds with their fans. But it was very rare to see an idol being candid without makeup, which is why what Hyorin shared to her fans that caught so much attention.

For the February 22nd episode of reality show, SISTAR members took time to do girly stuff like shopping for some trendy outfits. Bora and Soyou commented, "Our onstage outfits are so tight, we only look for comfortable clothing to wear during our daily life."
You can catch the show at 11PM Korean Time!

What can you say about Hyorin's bare face revelation?

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Source : kpopstarz[dot]com

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