Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 18

This was such a cute episode with both romance and bromance headed Do Min Joon’s way.

Episode 18 also got us moving along towards a conclusion with evidence of Lee Jae Kyung’s wrongdoing coming into light.

But we pushed the seriousness aside and chose the lovey dovey and hilarious moments, so check it out!

Do Min Joon: How much do you weigh?

After Do Min Joon fails to lift Chun Song Yi using his special powers.

Do Min Joon: How much do you weight?

Chun Song Yi: Is there anything I can do?

Do Min Joon: No, I’m all done.

Chun Song Yi: No, not that. About your powers not working.

Do Min Joon: It…still worked.

Chun Song Yi: It was too short…And you looked tired.
Should we try some medicine? Deer antlers or ginseng?

Do Min Joon: I told you before.
I had just woken up, and I was tired yesterday-

Chun Song Yi: We didn’t do anything yesterday.
You couldn’t even turn off the lights.
We might have lots of things to use your strength in the future.

Do Min Joon: This conversation. Is making me uncomfortable.

Chun Song Yi: No, no! Don’t be discouraged! There’s time like this, and time’s like that.
Maybe you were nervous! You can be nervous.
Don’t be discouraged, Do Min Joon. Fighting!

Do Min Joon: Stop it…
I said stahp it.

Chun Song Yi: No, I’m gonna do it~

Did you catch the Do Min Joon aegyo at the end?

Lawyer Jng : Before he met Chun Song Yi, he’s never dated a girl.
It was Chun Song Yi, who seduced my innocent son, and now he keeps doing things he’s never done!

Mama Chun: What do you mean my Song Yi seduced him?
Did you seduce him?

Chun Song Yi: Um… Yeah.. I kind of did.

Haha. Oops.

Do Min Joon : Is it too far?

Is it too heavy?

Poor Do Min Joon.

Yeah…your daughter and sister is very special.

Lee Han Kyung : Hwi Kyung, congratulations on graduating, my little brother.

When we miss Hwi Kyung’s older brother and he’s only been in the drama for a minute.

Chun Yoon Jae : I’ll say this straightforwardly. I like you.

Do Min Joon: Uh… thanks.

Chun Yoon Jae: Mom’s the problem, but I’ll take care of it.
I’ll write a contract, promising not to run away during senior year.
I think that’ll do it. Then she’ll give permission.

Do Min Joon: Permission for what?

Chun Yoon Jae: Your wedding.

Too adorable for words.

Chun Yoon Jae : Shh~

Do Min Joon: Yoon Jae… I…

Chun Yoon Jae: I’ll keep your secret.

Do Min Joon: Thanks.

Chun Yoon Jae: Can I ask for one favor?

Do Min Joon: What is this…?
I think there’s been a misunderstanding…
I’m not that type…

Chun Yoon Jae: *puppy whimper*

THIS. Is our favorite.

Chun Song Yi : Click.
Do Min Joon, now I’ve got you.
We’re totally locked together.

Employee : Are you meeting the parents?
Or a job interview?

Do Min Joon: I’m proposing…

Chun Song Yi. Miss Song Yi. Song Yi~
You wear it.
This isn’t right…

Chun Song Yi, I don’t know how long I can live by your side.
So maybe I shouldn’t even say what I’m saying right now.
But I’ll do my best to stay by your side for a long, long time.
I don’t know how long it’ll last,
But I’ll do my best to love you.

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