Heechul reveals he received a drunken call from Song Ji Hyo for saying 'Running Man' is childish

Super Junior's Heechul shares one of his stories when he was telling of by drunken Song Ji Hyo for his bad mouthing about 'Running Man'.

He said during the broadcast of KBS's 'Happy Together 3's Lunar New Year Special on February 19th,"I mentioned 'Running Man' on 'War of Words' before and the articles later came out with title 'Heechul doesn't watch 'Running Man' because it's childish', Song Ji Hyo called me while she was drunk and said,"How could you do that?"".

He continued,"What I said was I find 'Running Man' childish at times, but there are many children and adults who love it because of that. Afterwards 'Running Man' invited me to appear on the show and I refused it, but I accepted it after I got a phone call from Ji Suk Jin".

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