Soompi K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Final Round

Soompi K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Final Round

This is it. The final round. Welcome back to the !

Both matches last round ended with no small margins, with both EXO Chen and JYJ Junsu moving on to the final round after having emerged victorious by roughly 35 and 17 percent, respectively. While there was some back-and-forth in the initial stages of the semifinal round, the latter half seemed to stagnate, with the singers’ relative leads and positions maintaining themselves for the remainder of the round.

Here are the results from the semifinals:

FTISLAND Hongki vs. EXO Chen

Chen: 67.95 %

Hongki: 32.05%

JYJ Junsu vs. TVXQ Changmin

Junsu: 58.76%

Changmin: 41.24%

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We now have EXO Chen vs. JYJ Junsu and, in a race for third place, FTISLAND Hongki vs. TVXQ Changmin.

How will the singers fare with these new (and final) matchups?

You will have until Saturday, February 21 at 5 p.m. KST to vote. You can vote once every 12 hours. Good luck!

Turn the page to start! We’ll begin with Hongki and Changmin.

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